Historically, many factories & warehouses were built incorporating approximately 10% rooflights. Ageing rooflights become ineffective to the extent that they have become so dark and dirty, one is not sure if there are any rooflights at all!

The ‘Switch it Off’ campaign has identified relatively small factories saving up to £20,000 per year in energy bills by keeping their rooflights clean and switching off the lights.

Significant Energy Savings!!

• Renew rooflights (changing single / double skin to triple skin) and if possible increase to 20% area
• This will reduce the daytime need for artificial lighting (this can ideally be controlled automatically)
• Reduced heating & air-conditioning costs

These measures will reduce your Carbon Footprint and have a relatively short payback period, to be followed by many years of substantial savings.

5.5kg/m2 GRP Safelights c/w ‘Diamond’ surface protection, provide the safest form of daylight suitable for roofs that require regular and unlimited roof access, remaining non-fragile for at least 30 years (subject to annual maintenance checks).

Evidence has shown that by improving rooflights to allow in more natural light, employees are happier and less likely to take time off (Fact!).

Rooksby Roofing Ltd. in association with Brett Martin Daylight Systems, are able to offer Clients the full benefit of their experiences towards achieving the above goals.

Approved & recommended

(by both manufacturers & cladding consultants)

Installers of many of the industry’s leading systems

  • structural decking
  • felt roofing
  • single ply roofs / Refurbishment (Please see link )
  • green & brown roofs
  • cut-to-falls schemes
  • twin-skin roof & walls
  • standing seam roofs
  • ‘zip’ system roofs
  • flat to pitched roofing
  • eco-friendly composite panel systems
  • structural wall composites
  • architectural fascia / wall panels
  • rooflights of all types (including replacing existing)
  • sunpipes
  • access hatches / ladders
  • fibreglassing penetrations
  • mansafe systems
  • roof walkways
  • drainage systems (including all design calculations)
  • membrane line existing gutters
  • recoating existing cladding
  • strip & re-sheeting
  • bullnoses
  • louvres
  • doors
  • timber cladding
  • rainscreen systems
  • electronic leak detection
  • thermal imaging surveys
  • Brise Soleil
  • solar shading